4 Best Ways to Enhance Your Video Marketing Using Calls to Action

Creating online content is considered the best way to engage with customers and give them an opportunity to get to know an organization better. It is for this reason that business owners spend a lot time crafting compelling content, both video and written, that they can offer their target audience on a regular basis. However, without a call to action the content is not complete because your audience need to guided on the next step after getting information about your product or service. In most cases, a call to action is meant to persuade online users to perform certain tasks in relation to the information provided to them.

In video marketing, calls to action are in plenty which makes picking the best ones a bit tricky for website owners. However, with a bit of research you will be able to find one that meets your needs and that of your target audience as well. Here are some popular yet effective calls to action options that you can use for videos when marketing your business.

Sign Up

If part of the video content includes signing up for regular episodes of similar content then having a sign up call to action is appropriate. This type of action allows you to get online viewers to connect to your product or service beyond the single video they have watched. Alternatively, they can also sign up to try out your business offering for a specified time period to help them get a feel of it, before pain for the entire service. It is best to place this CTA at the end of your video for it to have a powerful effect on the viewer.

Download Video

This is one of the most common call to action that those video marketing use to get viewers to go deeper with their content. It is important that the video is not too heavy and follows the same them as that one used in the marketing video. The downloading process usually involves providing personal information on the site which helps businesses follow up by e-mail or even sending newsletters with relevant information. In some cases, the downloadable content may include free trials to make the customer experience even better resulting in loyal clients.

Ask Questions

After watching your video marketing, you can proceed to ask viewers a question that can be answered on social media pages managed by your company. Depending on their preferred social media site they can comment, share, and retweet their answers which allow many of their connections interact with your brand as well. You could also include a distinct hashtag, which makes it easy to follow their actions online and the effects their actions have on potential as well as current customers. To make it easier for the content to be shared, consider embedding social media plug ins within the video content as well.


When looking for customers through video marketing getting them to subscribe to your channel on YouTube or on the website is a good way to get their contact information for future communication. The subscribe “call to action” button should lead to an area on the site that allows them to put in minimal information and be allowed to gain any benefits that are attached to the subscription.

Finally, these CTAs can still be personalized to meet the needs of your target audience so that they appeal to them at first glance. Spend time analyzing the best one for you and customize it for the benefit of those that you want to engage much more with those interested in your product or service.

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