6 Tested Power Words That Will Make Prospects Want to Buy Your Products

At one time or another we have heard or used power words. Power words sound like things that are said by real estate realtors or sales men who are trying to get you to spend money. Over the years power words have been used to attract but also to chase away prospects. The main reason why sometimes they chase away prospects is because some of these power words are cheesy. Another reason can also be the lack of faith in a brand or product. Despite being overdone, power words when used well can help you grow your brand or business.

Well used power words remove obstacles and capture the attention of people. They are perfect for marketing and spreading awareness about a brand. In this article, our area of focus lies on the best power words to use and why to use them. Hopefully the information shared here will help you improve the offer for amazing products and services.

There are a few reasons why power words are used in messages. The major reason is to keep people engaged. People are curious by nature and when you find a way to get their attention they will want to know you and what you are about. People will get curious to know about your offer and if it has a catch and all other relevant information they will likely take action. It is in our nature to go to great lengths when we are curious and a power message that pokes our curiosity will lead us to want to buy something. It is a fact that majority of the people make emotional decisions when purchasing something. So by creating a message that will push their buttons emotionally you find yourself on the winning side. If your power word does not invoke emotions then you are clearly doing it wrong.

So which is the correct way to use power words in an authentic way? This can be achieved by being tactful and strategic. There are a few instances where you can put in some power words. When you want to capture the attention of people for instance, you want them not only interested but engaged as they view your website or products. Pay special focus to your page outline, by adding topics and subtopics you end up creating places where you can use power words.

To instill trust and confidence you need to use power words. A customer who lacks faith in you or your products is simply a lost customer. When you put your message out there, people want to feel that the product or service being offered is safe. They need to feel that you are offering them high quality goods or superior services that they have not experienced before. Ensure you have power words in your product descriptions, FAQs, advantages and reviews. This will alleviate all concerns that a client might have about a product. In case you want potential clients to take immediate action, you can use a power word that will be in form of a call to action or a show button.

Now that we have covered all basics theoretically, here are some of the tested power words that you can employ. By now you might have noticed some of them were used in parts of the article. The best way to use them is according to their intended purpose. If you are after eliciting emotions the best power words to use are: Insane or Fascinating. When you want to make someone curious use Guaranteed and Scientifically Proven. In case you need to cause immediate action use Now and Instantly.

Power Words for Business

With these six power words, you can generate your sales more effectively. However, you need to be strategic about how you go about it so that it can really work.

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