Qualities of the Ideal Voice Talent

Voiceover talent for a whiteboard video can make or break the delivery of a message to the target audience. It is said that majority of conversions that are recorded in relation to videos are due to the voice over used, making it essential to find the best one for your particular project. It does not matter if your video will be used for training or marketing purposes, the search for voice talent should be on your priority list as soon as you have an idea for a new whiteboard video. So, how do you find voiceover talent that will deliver quality work and get you the response you are looking for? Here are some tips to help you identify the best one for you.

Voice Artist Experience in Narration

The majority of voice over artists are able to deliver quality work on a variety of projects but it is important to hire one that has worked on similar projects before. In most cases, they can better handle the narration sessions offered to them (whether long or short) and bring the video to life with their excellent abilities. If possible, consider seeking recommendations from colleagues that have worked with voice over talent in projects that resembles your current one. You can also ask for demos to be sent to your company and choose those that are high quality and bring out clearly an individual’s style and range.

Voice That Matches Project Topic

Even before hiring voice talent, you need have an idea of the type of output you are looking for from such professionals. Some projects require a serious voice while others will work better with an upbeat voice, so ensure that the voice talent fits the needs of the target audience. At times, the size of the project may require more than one voice over professional for the final whiteboard video to be professional and attract the intended audience.

Natural and Believable Accent

Although developing an accent is possible for a determined voice over professional, working with a person that has the natural accent you need may be the better choice. It is important that your audience quickly identifies with the voice as soon as they listen to the narration and feel at ease listening to the rest of the content placed before them. If the accent is believable, it will carry a certain authority that will be relayed to the audience giving them the confidence to make a positive decision towards a product or service.

Ability of the Voice Artist to Offer Character Voices

At times, whiteboard videos contain a number of characters that bring them to life especially when voices are assigned to them. When creating such videos it may be important that the voice over talent has the ability to narrate using different voices. Having this ability allows them to adapt to a variety of scenarios which end up saving you costs that would have been incurred hiring a voice talent for each character. Apart from the cost savings, such voice over professionals also help save on project time which is usually not in plenty.

Access to Studio Equipment

The quality of the recording is essential to the success of the whiteboard video and thus needs to be done using professional studio equipment. It is therefore important to hire voice talent that have access to such equipment so that the quality of the recording is high quality and meets the needs of the audience. The great thing about working with us is that you do not have to spend any time researching to find professional voice artists, given that we have done that already by screening and lining up a great roster of both male and female voice talent in different accents and languages to save you the hassle of finding a reliable voice talent. What is best is that the voice recording is included in our rates, so you get professional results without having to spend more.

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