Why Do You Need a Whiteboard Animation Video?

If you are not currently using whiteboard animation to spread the word about your idea, product or service, you are missing out on some incredible opportunities for building authority and raising engagement as well as conversion rates.
Whiteboard animation is simply the best visual medium to get any kind of message across, because it presents information in a way that holds peoples’ undivided attention. But why does whiteboard animation work and what do you need to know if you want to use whiteboard videos for your business, education program or anything else that involves communicating a message effectively?

In this article, we will explore everything that you need to know about whiteboard animation so that you can decide if you want to use it or not.

Why Does Whiteboard Animation Work?

The reason that whiteboard animations work is basic psychology. There has been a significant amount of research done on whiteboard animation as a communication medium.

According to psychologist Dr. Richard Wiseman, whiteboard animations show a 15% increase in retention over other methods. “Normally you have to work incredibly hard to get 5, maybe 10 percent increase in any kind of behavioural measure like that. Simply by animation you’re seeing a 15 percent increase,” Wiseman said. What this means is that when you show whiteboard animations to customers, they are going to remember more about your message than with any other communication method you use.

How Did Whiteboard Animation Start?

So, where did this medium originate and how did it become so popular in such a short amount of time? While the roots of modern whiteboard animation only stretch back a few years – started by the United States Postal Service – the history of whiteboards can be traced far back to the roots of animations themselves. Steamboat Willy – the original name for Mickey Mouse– is the symbol of animation origins.

But the cartoons that have been playing on televisions for decades are very likely part of the reason why whiteboard animation is so effective; in short, humans like animation and visual stimulation, so if you couple your message with this style of video you benefit from a winning combination that will get your message across more effectively.

What Can Whiteboard Animation Be Used For?

Whiteboard animation is generally used to convey ideas or make a sales pitch – sometimes in a subtle way, and sometimes, not so subtle. The whiteboard video is meant to draw the person in, get them to watch the entire video, and leave them with a clear understanding of the idea or thought that the animation is meant to convey.

For example, suppose that a company sold self-cleaning toothbrushes; the animation might start by showing people just what kind of bacteria can accumulate on your toothbrush when you leave it out in the bathroom. The animation would probably highlight the most harmful bacteria and show the viewer just what kind of things can happen inside the mouth when that bacteria is present. Then, it would show the self-cleaning toothbrushes (which is something someone really should invent) and demonstrate how they killed that bacteria and made your toothbrush fresh and clean.

In this example, the viewer would have his conscious mind entertained by the animation while the message is being recorded by his brain in a subconscious manner, making it easier to get that message across and have it stay in the mind of the prospect.

Check out our portfolio with some of the whiteboard animation videos we’ve produced so you can see for yourself how versatile this video style can be for any industry.

Benefits of Whiteboard Animation

The first is that you are going to stand out among all of your competitors. Do they have whiteboard animations? If the answer is no, then you are going to have a major advantage. Even if the answer is yes, you can make a totally unique whiteboard animation that is going to put theirs to shame, just leave that to us!.

The second thing is that you are not just going to give your prospects the the information that they need, you are going to make them feel good about getting it. The problem with a website is that prospects have to explore and click on links to different pages in order to get the full scope of the information they need to make a decision. A whiteboard animation on your website or social media channel is going to give them all of the information that they need to take action while they actually enjoy learning about your idea or business in a shorter period of time, which is critical in this day and age.

Third, you are going to simplify things for your customers. This is one of the major factors that keep people from buying – they do not understand your message or things are too complex and so they simply decide to go away. With a whiteboard animation you can simplify things considerably because you can actually show them what your idea, product or service is about through a story that they can relate to; in short, you can simplify your message and amplify your impact!

You are also going to impress people with a whiteboard animation. This is something that even the big corporations are starting to do, and making yourself look like you are playing in the big boys league will increase your sales – even if you are just a small business.

The bottom line is that you will increase your conversions. This is not a guess, this is a proven fact. Whiteboard animations increases conversions by 20% or more.

How to Get a Whiteboard Animation

So, how and where do you get a whiteboard animation?

The answer to that is: just about anywhere, but the question that you should be asking is where you can get a affordable quality whiteboard animation that is going to convert and skyrocket your sales, making your investment in it completely worthwhile. A good whiteboard animation cannot be found on cheap freelancer websites, simply because this style of video production needs a lot of time and dedication in order to get right, and a few bucks to a freelancer on the other side of the world will not get you very far, nor will leave you with a high converting and professional animation that will be worthy of representing your brand.

Your whiteboard animation video has to be specially designed to convert customers and give them the information that they need in a compelling fashion. The conversion rate can increase from as little as 20% to as much as 150% in some cases, because of the release of dopamine that comes with watching the story unfold before your eyes through the drawings.

But these illustrations have to be conceived and drawn correctly so that the person who sees the video is not only entertained but convinced of the point that you are trying to make. This is absolutely vital when it comes to whiteboards animations, and a cheap video or other discount alternative is not going to get you the results that you are looking for.

At Speed Drawing Video, we produce world-class whiteboard animations with our team of writers, artists, illustrators, animators, and voice artists that have been proven time and again to get results.

Who Is Using Whiteboard Animation?

There are a lot of companies that are using whiteboard animation these days. Fortune 500 companies (some of them clients of ours) are starting to incorporate them into their websites and advertising, as well as an important part of their internal education and training programs. Starbucks and AOL are two big companies that have recently started using whiteboard videos to share information on new products and convince people to buy.

So, why are these big companies using whiteboard animations? Simple – because they work! Companies are getting great results and their messages are simply reaching their audiences more effectively, often times with a direct impact in their bottom line.

You can do the same thing even if you are a small business. If you can get a great whiteboard and get it in front of your targeted prospects, you will be able to get their attention and have a much better chance of converting them into customers.

How Much Does Whiteboard Animation Cost?

The answer to this can be one of many, you can find whiteboard animation videos for a few bucks or you can find studios that will charge and arm and a leg for a production. In the first case you will likely receive an end product that will not deliver your message or represent your brand in an effective and professional fashion, and in the second case you may or may not be satisfied with the result, but you will surely be down several thousand dollars for one or two minutes of production.

Also, when you work with freelancers or other studios, the process tends to be complicated and they will not offer to help you with all the elements required for the production, and even if they do they will want to charge you extra for every little thing (such as script writing, voice over, music, revisions etc).

The advantage of working with us is that not only you get the best whiteboard animation and customer service, but you also enjoy affordable flat rates that are all inclusive, which enables you to get stunning whiteboard videos for your organization without breaking the bank and without any hidden costs or fees.

Should You Invest in Whiteboard Animation?

The answer is definitely yes, unless you feel that losing potential prospects and conversions is something you can afford.

If every customer who came to your website got drawn in by a whiteboard animation, your conversion rate would easily go up by at least 20%. The ratio seems to fluctuate drastically, with some people having incredible results of 150% conversion rates. Marketing data compiled by Media Button show that explainer videos (another name for whiteboard animations) are very effective, because up to 75% of executives watch work-related videos during the week and an explainer video makes people up to 85% more likely to buy if they watch the entire presentation.

There is no question about it – whiteboard animations just work and you should get one for your business and see for yourself the kind of results you can get.

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