Why Storytelling is the Best Way to Engage Customers

Stories are powerful and can appeal to anyone regardless of their age. For many, stories were part of their daily routine as young children every evening and therefore it is not a surprise that when stories are being told, many people are quickly captivated. It is this love for stories that many brands have discovered and used to connect to their audience and get them to motivate them or help them make a decision to their benefit. If you are still unsure of using storytelling as part of your marketing strategy, here are some reasons to help you make a decision and begin to incorporating it as part of your content.

Stories Are Easily Accepted to Engage Customers

Most consumers can spot a sales pitch a mile away and are already thinking of ways to cut you short even before you start convincing them about your business offering. However, the reaction to stories is quite different with many people being much more receptive to them even if the narration is quite long. Stories are more appealing when compared to boring figures or facts that usually do not make sense to most consumers. You can use stories to give your information meaning and give you an opening to persuade customers to get to know your product or service better.

Stories Can Be Easily Shared

If you want to connect to consumers, engage customers, tell them a story that they can identify with easily while touching their emotions as well. When this happens it is likely for them to be open to any extra information provided by a company about their product or service and eventually make the decision to become a customer. Apart from connecting emotionally with stories, they will share the stories with their friends and family which amplifies it further thus converting many more people into customers. The ability to share is much more important in this era of social media where people trust information shared by close friends and acquaintances on different sites.

Stories Create an Experience That Engages Customers

Story based experiences create lasting expressions that continue to be relevant to consumers for a very long time. If a story is well crafted it has the power to imprint your brand in the hearts and minds of your audience so that they always speak positively about it and even defend it from attack or negative talk when necessary. In addition, the experience is even transferred to children regardless of the age thus making them automatic consumers of your brand. Most times, creating an experience for your audience may require much effort but the return on investment is worth it in the end.

Stories Make You Stand Out

It is a fact that similar products are always being released into the market which means a current offering it’s likely to lose it top spot within a specified time period. However, if you still want to stay ahead of the pack, it is advisable to present your offering accompanied by a compelling story. Most times, customers that identify with your story will continue with their loyalty to your products or services because of the story behind it. The good thing about brand stories is that they are unique and cannot be replicated in exact form. All in all, storytelling has a way of transporting us to a time and place where we easily accept information that can easily persuade us to make decisions that we would have otherwise not been able to make. Stories have proven to be an effective tool in reaching and engaging consumers regardless of their current preferences in terms of products or services.

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