Terms of Service

Terms of Service for Speed Drawing Video LLC.

Last Updated: August 12, 2020

When you order any of the services offered on this website, you agree that you understand and abide by the following terms:

Whenever SpeedDrawingVideo.com is mentioned we are referring to the owner and/or operator of this website as stated in the Terms of Use.

The videos produced by SpeedDrawingVideo.com will be of similar style and quality as those shown both in the homepage and on the Video Styles page, meaning they may not be created using custom or unique drawings or illustrations nor they will feature custom music or any other elements exclusively created for the video, unless the client chooses a 100% custom animation at the start of the production process.

Although we strive to keep a large inventory of relevant illustrations for future productions, your video may still have illustrations used in other whiteboard animations, thus we do not guarantee nor do we represent that the illustrations used in your video are 100% unique unless, as stated above, the client chooses a fully custom animation.

In all cases the script, voice over and visual sequence will be unique to each video and the customer is responsible for providing the necessary input in order to create them properly.

When, due to promotional offers or any other circumstance, the voice over or music are included in the production free of charge, the customer will choose from one of our featured voice talents and the music track will be chosen by SpeedDrawingVideo.com with the client’s input. In case the client wants a special voice style or talent, or a particular recording style not available among our featured voice talents, the client will provide his own voice recording by outside voice talent of his choice. The same will apply to music tracks in case our library does not contain anything that suits the customer’s preference.

Clients can ask for unlimited revisions, however, once a set of revisions is requested, subsequent revision rounds must be related to previous ones. Therefore, no requests for changes or adjustments will be accepted within subsequent revisions if they are not related to previous requests. For example, if after receiving the first version of a video the client requests A, B and C to be changed or modified, he/she can ask for unlimited revisions until A, B and C are up to the standard expected by him/her, but if during the second or third round of revisions the client requests changes to D and E, then that would be considered outside the scope of the revision process and therefore involve a revision fee.

No changes to the script, voice over or concept storyboard can be made after the script, recording of the voice over or storyboard have been approved. Any changes to these elements of the production after they have been approved by the client will involve a revision fee.

Requests for revisions must be submitted within 15 days of a deliverable being sent to the client. Any element of the production as well as the resulting video file will be considered approved after 15 days from the date of the deliverable being sent to the client if no revision requests are submitted. Changes requested after the mentioned 15 day period will be considered to be extra revision work and involve the respective revision fees.

All videos will be delivered within 15-40 days unless a rush delivery fee is paid by the client or a special agreement is reached between the parties.

The rate per minute will be calculated based on the word count of the script and not the actual production time, as this may vary depending on the pace of the voice recording. For the purpose of billing, every 150 words of script will count as 1 minute of production (regardless of the speed or length of the voice over). Whenever the last portion of a script is less than 150 words but more than 75, it will count as a full additional minute of production and, if it is less than 75 words, it will count as 30 seconds of production.

In order for the production to get started, the client must pay at least 50% of the production upfront. All payments are final and nonrefundable, and the project officially starts once at least 50% of payment is made for the project. Once the video has been approved by the client, SpeedDrawingVideo.com will deliver the final version or a master file containing a playable version of the video in the format requested by the client.

Clients will be granted a full and exclusive license of use, meaning that they can use, sell and distribute their video as they see fit, but in no case may they claim authorship of copyright of the video or any other elements of the production created by SpeedDrawingVideo.com, such as, but not limited to, script, voice, music, illustrations or animations sequences.

The exclusive license of use referred above will be granted along with the video file once the project has been completed and approved by the client and full payment has been made. If the client fails to make full payment for the completed work he/she will not have any rights to the video and therefore no license of use. In this case, SpeedDrawingVideo.com reserves the right to resell the video or use it in any other way.

If the client does not complete the payment within 30 days of the project and/or the requested revisions being completed, he/she will forfeit any and every right to receive the exclusive license of use for the video and SpeedDrawingVideo.com will have the right to sell, resell and distribute the production to third parties, as well as use it in any other way.

In no case under these Terms of Service will the client be entitled to receive the project source files or any other materials used in order to produce the video. The only product the client will be entitled to receive will be the finalized and approved video file in the format chosen by the client. SpeedDrawingVideo.com reserves and will retain all the rights of authorship of every video produced by the studio, including all the work, information and elements created by SpeedDrawingVideo.com in order to produce the video, such as, but not limited to, script, voice, music, illustrations or animation sequences.

SpeedDrawingVideo.com reserves the right to showcase the videos produced for its clients in the website’s portfolio section unless a special request to keep it private is submitted before production starts. SpeedDrawingVideo.com shall not be liable or responsible in any way for displaying the video as part of its portfolio if the client has not notified SpeedDrawingVideo.com that the video should remain private.

You also agree that you have read the Terms of Use, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy and you agree with all the terms and conditions set therein.

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