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Whether you need a simple intro video or a full-color, complex animation, we’ve got you covered. Our amazing team can handle even the most demanding productions.

2D Animation

If you need characters and want a vibrant full-color video, this is the one for you. We’ll design your characters to look exactly as you’d like.

Standard: $897/Minute – Get Started »

100% Custom: $1,297/Minute – Get Started »

2.5D Animation

Make your video stand out. 2.5D animations add an engaging 3D element to the flat 2D style.

Standard: $897/Minute – Get Started »

100% Custom: $1,297/Minute – Get Started »

Intro Video

Introduce your product, service, or brand in style. We'll animate your logo or brand identity in a unique and captivating way.

100% Custom: $200 Flat Rate – Get Started »

Kinetic Typography

Brilliant text animations that engage the viewer and allow them to read along as the story is being told.

100% Custom: $647/Minute – Get Started »

Screencast/Video Tutorial

Showcase your website, app, or software product with a screen recording and added motion graphics. Perfect for tutorials, training videos, and demos.

100% Custom: $647/Minute – Get Started »

Whiteboard Animation

The original. Hand-sketched drawings on a white background. Great for explaining complex topics or ideas.

Semi-Custom: $597/Minute – Get Started »

100% Custom: $897/Minute – Get Started »

Enhanced 100% Custom: $1,397/Minute – Get Started »

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